Volunteering is rewarding!

The NGBA is a registered 501(c)3. Many companies have an employer match program for volunteerism. This may be defined as broadly as the employee's gift of time, labor, or expertise in support of community benefit without compensation for their time or efforts. Most match-eligibility means volunteer work is done during personal time.
If your employer has a match program for your volunteer hours, please consider submitting them to benefit the NGBA program. Parent volunteer hours may include but are not restricted to:
  • work as a board member or team parent
  • volunteer time during games (clock, score sheets, stats, gym rep)
  • volunteer hours during our Cold Turkey Tournament
Any fundraising funds received goes toward scholarships, and keeping our program costs affordable while providing maximum exposure for our young athletes to game play through tournaments and league play.
Community service hours for school requirement or for National Honor Society
Middle school and high school students are welcome to volunteer during games or Cold Turkey and an NGBA board member or the Cold Turkey Director can sign off on your volunteer hours!