Basketball done right…what does that mean exactly?

Essentially it means the team is coached by an experienced and knowledgeable coach, the players have positive and supportive parents, and the program focuses on skill development and teaching over winning championships.  Basketball done right focuses on the bigger, long-term picture over the short-term, win-at-all-costs mentality.   That’s why it imperative that players find the right program or team.

Top 5 Reasons to Play

#1 Play Against Great Competition

pros and cons of aau basketballGames are the best place to take the skills learned in practice and workouts and try to implement them in a full-speed environment, and Select basketball offers the opportunity to do this against a lot of great competition.

Yes, there are varying levels of competition in youth basketball (Recreational, Select, Club), but most teams and players should be able to find the right level for them … one that will challenge them, but also doesn’t completely overwhelm them.

There are many ways coaches can try to simulate games in practice, but no matter what, it’s just not the same as playing against another team with coaches and players who are trying to do whatever they can to stop you, and Select basketball offers a tremendous platform to do this.

#2 Learn to Earn

There’s no denying we live in an everyone-gets-a-trophy age, especially in youth basketball, but typically, this isn’t found in Select basketball.

Because of the inherently competitive nature of Select, teams and players must learn to earn playing time, points, rebounds, wins, championships, and ultimately, trophies. Not everyone gets a trophy in Select basketball!

This is a great lesson for later on in life when, as adults, you must compete for jobs, awards, salary raises, etc.  These things are not just given out.  Select Basketball helps to fight against this cancer of expecting to be given whatever you want and not earning it.

#3 Learn to Deal with Adversity

Select basketball is competitive, so players will come across players and teams that are better than they are. This means there will be tough losses, tough games individually, and players and teams will inevitably have to deal with some adversity, and if you play Select basketball long enough, there will be quite a bit of it.

Young players learn from the minute they start playing Select that they will face some obstacles and they should learn to overcome them, or they won’t last long.

Again, this teaches great lessons for later on in life, which are grit, determination, and toughness … all tools that will certainly come in handy when they hit roadblocks in their lives.

#4 Learn How to Be Part of Team

In competitive basketball where playing time is not equal, opponents are tough, and there’s more than a little adversity, learning to be a good teammate is more important than ever.

This means placing the team over self, shelving your ego a little bit, learning to take instructions from a coach, and getting along well with other players.

This is tougher to do in the competitive environment that Select fosters, so Select offers players many great opportunities to learn to be a good teammate.

Do all players learn to do this? Of course not! But guess what?  For those that do learn to become a good teammate, it typically translates to, later on, being an employable (and enjoyable) adult!

#5 It’s Fun

Last, but not least, playing basketball is fun! This may seem obvious, but this is often times lost on adult coaches and parents who become overly-competitive and wrap their egos in their child’s individual performance and team record. They forget that basketball is a game, and games are meant to be fun no matter what level they’re played on.  Playing Select basketball is fun if the team and adults’ focus is in the right place!